AR Fashion Show, The Cassie Robot, AI-based Lash Robot, MetaMask
The Sunday Round-Up #7
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The Sunday Round-Up #7 – AR Fashion Show, The Cassie Robot, AI-based Lash Robot, MetaMask


Hello everyone! Here’s Miss Violet, and I’m gonna tell you about some tech news you might be interested in!
Let’s go!

Designer Doddz held a fashion show in AR.

The collection was shown using Snapchat – the app projected digital clothes on the models in real-time.
The one-of-a-kind show served as a showcase for Doddz’s new AR fashion line Defy.

If you’re a fan of augmented reality (AR) technology, then odds are, at some point, you’ve stumbled across the work of Doddz, a popular AR creator who’s worked with everyone from Disney and Facebook to Doja Cat and Drake on a variety of incredible AR experiences.

It was original and, most importantly, environmentally friendly.

One of the most popular and common uses for NFTs is digital wings. RTFKT recently launched a Nike collection with physical hoodies that come with a unique QR code for each one that, when scanned, rewards the user with an amazing pair of digital wings. Prior to that release, they released the RT

A robotic badminton partner

Guys, are there any badminton enthusiasts among us?

I have good news for you: developers have created a robot partner for the game, which is equipped with video cameras, motion sensors and a navigation system for precise control of the racket.

It turned out to be quite enough to compete with humans. So now you don’t even have to look for a partner – the robot is ready to keep you company.

AR glasses

Imagine how differently we would perceive our surroundings if we wore AR glasses instead of regular glasses.

Glasses that add extra information, ideally 3D images and information such as animations and videos, to the user’s real-world scenes by overlaying the computer-generated or digital information on the user’s real-world. It can retrieve information from computers, smartphones, or other devices and can support WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

The Cassie robot has a new record

If the thought of a two-legged robot chasing you down in the streets keeps you up at night, then you can sleep easy … for now. A droid named Cassie has set a Guinness World Record for the 100-meter in 27.72 seconds.

But he still has a long way to go: The men’s 100-meter dash world record is 9.58 seconds, the women’s 10.49 seconds.

Dash by a bipedal robot, and while it’s far from the blistering pace of the world’s best athletes, it is an impressive demonstration of robotics and engineering.

The Cassie robot is controlled by a neural network using deep machine learning with reinforcement. This allows it to balance and move steadily on two limbs and up and down stairs.

So we can sleep well for now.

Luum’s AI-based Lash Robot

Luum has created an AI-based Lash Robot that can delicately extend eyelashes for customers in beauty salons.

I’ll let you absorb that for a minute. Luum CEO Philippe Sanchez said in an interview with VentureBeat that the lash extension procedure is ideal for robotics because it’s a tedious job for humans, who often have to bend over while adding extensions to each individual lash, which takes a lot of dexterity and concentration over two or three hours.

The Luum robot can do the same procedure — where it grabs someone’s eyelash and adds an extension to it — in under 20 minutes.

That’s the end of the tech news!

Let’s take a moment for some cool funny content in our “Exploring Social Media” roundup!

Exploring Social Media

Look what I found on Twitter: In Saudi Arabia, couriers have begun to literally fly to orders. Pretty soon all the couriers on the planet will be delivering packages really fast!

That’s the future!

Virtual influencer Lil Miquela

Have you heard of virtual influencer Lil Miquela, who debuted on Instagram in April 2016, as if from nowhere? Lil Miquela, a global pop star, one of TIME Magazine’s ’25 Most Influential People on the Internet’ — and she’s not human. She’s a robot. She’s still active on social media and living a normal life, showing it on Tik Tok.

Miquela is a musician, change-seeker, and style visionary who began as the laboratory creation of the nefarious corporation Cain Intelligence. Her now-managers (and robo-family), Los Angeles-based tech startup Brud, believed she deserved a chance at a better life and reprogrammed her to have human-level consciousness.

Look how cool it is! Augmented reality in Disney cartoons.

Why didn’t we have this before? Kids and adults will love it!

What do you think of this ad? A hologram in the center of Paris by Versace!


How about this? I want to compare how different platforms with artificial intelligence will picture my request – so there is the keywords for todays episode: car flying over the ocean with a beautiful orange sunset, lighthouse burning in the distance, lighting from the lighthouse, lighting from the car headlights, people on a boat below looking at this car, intricate details, fantastic environment, concept art, 8k

Very curious, about which AI art you like more!
And now, after such an arty pause, meet Miss Cherry with her latest updates.

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MetaMask adopts custodial features for NFT-hungry institutional investors

The MetaMask Institutional wallet added Cobo NFT management to its growing list of custodial services for institutional investors. These partnerships will help institutional clients manage and store their digital assets. MetaMask’s partnership with NFT management and storage service Cobo aims to create a “one-stop platform” for large corporations dealing with digital assets. Institutional investment is pouring into the crypto world, notably the nonfungible token (NFT) scene. In a reaction to the influx, MetaMask Institutional announced another addition to its custodial services offerings for institutional-level clients.

While wallets like MetaMask have been deemed not as “user friendly” in the past, this addition to custodial offerings prioritizes usability for big investors.

The new integration allows institutional clients to designate roles in the company alongside internal collaboration tools. According to Wong, this enables user limits on buying, trading, and selling as permitted by the administrator.

However, as mainstream users without technical backgrounds continue to enter the space, custodial wallets often offer a more user-friendly environment.

Traditional financial giants like Société Générale, one of the largest investment banks in Europe, recently opened up crypto asset management services to provide its clients with an easy on-ramp.

MEV bot earns $1M but loses everything to a hacker an hour later

An Ethereum arbitrage trading bot hit the jackpot and lost it all on the same day in an ironic turn of events in decentralized finance (DeFi).

In a Twitter thread, Robert Miller, who works at the research firm Flashbots, shared how a Maximal Extractable Value bot with was able to earn 800 Ether, around $1 million, through arbitrage trades.

The bot took advantage of a huge arbitrage opportunity that came when a trader attempted to sell $1.8 million in cUSDC through the decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap v2 and only got $500 worth of assets in return. The bot detected this chance, immediately sprung to action, and gained massive profits.
However, only an hour later, a hacker exploited a vulnerability in “bad code” and tricked it into authorizing a transaction that drained its balance of 1,101 ETH, which was around $1.41 million at the time of writing.

A vulnerability in the Ethereum vanity address generator, Profanity, was exploited and drained $3.3 million in various wallets. Investigations done by the decentralized exchange aggregator 1inch Network showed an ambiguity in creating wallets and warned users that their wallets were at risk. The DEX urged users to transfer their assets immediately. Another vanity wallet address was exploited and drained of almost $1 million worth of ETH after stealing the funds, hackers immediately sent them to the controversial crypto mixer Tornado Cash.

NFTs have seen a 98% plunge in trading volume from January despite the rise in adoption of them.

According to data compiled from Dune Analytics, the weekly trading volume of nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, across the blockchain realm has plunged to $114.4 million.

This represents a decrease of 98% from the $6.2 billion witnessed around the end of January. Weekly NFT trading volume rose to an all-time high of $146.3 billion in early April before falling off a sharp cliff in May with the start of an ongoing crypto bear market.

At the same time, however, the number of wallets owning at least one NFT has skyrocketed to 6.14 million, compared to 3.36 million at the end of January. NFT marketplaces also saw a massive change from the beginning of the year, where marketplace LooksRare was responsible for most of the dollar trading volume. That has since switched back to OpenSea.

The price of NFTs has also fallen sharply as part of a broader plunge in the price of Ether (ETH), the most common cryptocurrency used to buy and sell digital collectibles. Currently, an NFT only fetches about $285 per sale on average, compared to around $2,000 in early January.

Innovation will continue to drive NFT adoption despite the market downturn. Recently, post offices in Austria have experimented with NFT stamps, while Mastercard has rolled out NFT-customized debit cards.

Luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co. has also unveiled a customized pendant experience for CryptoPunk NFT holders. Month over month, however, the NFT market continues to worsen as the average NFT weekly trading volume has fallen by about 30% versus its standing in August.

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