Weekly News Coverage by Ms. Violet #4
Weekly News Coverage by Ms. Violet #4
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Weekly News Coverage by Ms. Violet #4

Hello, my besties!

This is Miss Violet with the news of the week!

If you love cats but don’t want to take care of them, this is news to you!
A Chinese startup has created a robotic cat.
MarsCat behaves almost like a real cat: it can play, knead a pillow and even bury filler. It also picks up human speech and meows back.
However, the price is a bit steep – $1300.

Another interesting news is that DAIN neural network creates smooth video from a set of frames.
Smoothing occurs because the AI synthesizes intermediate streams.

Wanted to fly in space? You can do it without a spacesuit! NASA has launched a 3D map of the solar system.
On the interactive map, you can see celestial bodies in detail: planets, asteroids, and comets

And also I cannot escape the news about the presentation of new products from Apple! Have you seen the iPhone 14 pro? They presented adaptive animations for apps and notifications
Really cool, stylish and functional.

But if you don’t like the new iPhone, here’s some fun for you – a site where you can build an iPhone of your own design.
In fact, it is such an online constructor, which helps to create the iPhone of your dreams, embodying any fantasy (you can add ten cameras – anything is possible). What’s nice, the site even shows the price.

Hey, and one more thing! Did you guess that this news text is written by AI? Well, this is true!
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Written by Alina Polishchuk,
Palmeiras Digital LDA,
Follow her here:


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