Coverage by Ms Violet #3
This is Miss Violet, and today is the news of the week!
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Weekly News Coverage by Ms. Violet #3

Hello, my cool ones!
This is Miss Violet, and today is the news of the week!

This is the news for you if you don’t like banking apps; in the future, it will be possible to remove banking applications from the phone – all information will be able to display AR glasses.

Have you heard of The humanoid Ameca? It has been upgraded quite a bit: the robot can now display 12 types of emotions with facial expressions.

Have you watched the latest movie from Marvel’s Spider-Man away from home? Do you remember the magician with the portals? So now you can make an AR portal right in your room without any of this magic

Merchandisers, 1️:0️ is not in your favor! An excellent solution for supermarkets from Simbe Robotics

They created a special robot, Tally, to automate the check of the shelves for the necessary products and identify missing and irrelevant products.

You like rings as much as I like you, and when AR clothes and shoes don’t surprise anyone anymore, an augmented reality ring comes into play!
I already want a ring like that.
So that’s it! Miss Violet was with you, kisses to everyone!

Written by Alina Polishchuk,
Palmeiras Digital LDA,
Follow her here:


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