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News from Miss Violet
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Weekly News Coverage by Ms. Violet #1

Hello, my curious ones!
Let’s take a walk through this week’s technology news!
So what do we have:
Saudi Arabia wants to build a future city.

The most exciting project in it is the horizontal skyscraper “The Line”. It is 170 kilometers long, 500 meters high, and costs $1 trillion.

Maybe someone is interested in mysterious stories related to art, that news is for you! There is a riveting VR app called The Stolen Art Gallery, which tells the stories of stolen paintings.

Just imagine no guides are needed anymore…

Has Xiaomi beaten Tesla? Heard this news?
Xiaomi released a humanoid robot! CyberOne can recognize human emotions, communicate with people, help in everyday life, and give flowers.

This news is for you, real estate agents! With AR your viewings of apartments and houses will become much more productive and profitable! See how you can present properties easily, quickly, and effectively.

How about this? You want to eat something tasty at night, but your fridge tells you that you’ve had too much already! It’s all thanks to the new artificial intelligence platform Promobot Nested Chat.

And it can be implemented not only in fridges but in general, in any device with a microphone and speaker.

You can essentially make anything “talking”: from a car to a washing machine.

Wait for more news from Miss Violet!
Kisses to everyone!

Written by Alina Polishchuk,
Palmeiras Digital LDA,
Follow her here:


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